Half Price One-to-One Coaching

If you've ever wanted to work with me on a one-to-one basis, now is the perfect time.  I've just released a limited number of time slots for a personal call with me at HALF THE REGULAR PRICE.  Throughout my career, I've coached and mentored many people to achieve their goals and become the confident and self-assured person they always wanted to be. I'd love to work with you to achieve your goals, too.

Maybe you'd like me to help you to improve your self-confidence in general or to tackle something specific like public speaking, presenting in public or a job interview.  Whatever you need help with, the call is yours and we can work on anything that will help YOU to become the person you want to become or achieve the specific goal that you need my help with.

To reserve your time slot, simply click on "Book It" below and let's do this!

One call per person. Offer open to existing clients to add a call to your current package at half the regular price.

Half Price Coaching Call
1 hr
Mon, Tue, Thu

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